About Sharai Orah





What is in a name?

The shul’s name Sha’arei Orah, was given leilu nishmas Uri Efraim Pearlman z”l who was nifter on יב טבת תשנ”ו. Uri, as he was known, was nifter at the young age of 25 leaving behind a wife and two small daughters.

The name Uri translates as, “My light” and therefore the shul was named as the, “Gates of light.” May all the many zechusim produced in this shul light up the way to the Geula and be an Aliyah for Uri’s neshomo.


How it all began...

The Shul was first founded around 10 years ago, in a Yeshiva called Keser Hatalmud Run by Reb Yitschok Weitz. It wasn’t a Shul then, it was just a Shabbas morning (9am) nice sleep-in Minyan for the Bachurim and local Avreichim in the Ramat Eshkol community. The Minyan was run and founded by Rabbi Tzvi Gefen Shlita’ and was a separate to the Yeshiva. They worked wonderfully together and both enjoyed it for several years.

Unfortunately, the Yeshiva had to move out of Ramat Eshkol and the 9am Shabbas Minyan which had become very popular, had nowhere to go….

Our Future...

We still has many more accomplishments that we want to achieve! We are in middle of new permits to expand the shul premises significantly to accommodate the ever-growing need Knayin Horah! A Mikva (possibly) a Simcha Hall/Kiddish place and more good things to come IMH! 

Stay tuned! For the more progress we make, the more Kiddushei Hashem we can achieve together, with the Rebbono Shel Olam’s ever continuing help!