Sharai Orah Kollelim

At Sharai Orah, we have a few different kollelim to suit different needs and learning styles. Read on for a deeper look into each kollel.







Pre-Shacharis Kollel

The pre-shacharis kollel was originally started to help be Mechazek the weekday Shacharis Minyan. BH it has been working so well and it has a Real Shtark atmosphere, that it became a shame to stop it. It is 30 minutes before (ideally) or after Shacharis of learning what you want, and it consists of between 12-15 Avreichim.

Day Kollel

The full day Kollel currently renting the main Beis Hamedresh is run by Rabbi Lawrence Keleman Shlita’ and has over 25 Avreichim Shteiging away from early morning hours throughout the day covering tremendous amount of Gemerah, widespread Halacha and most importantly Hilchos Menchlechkite in the most comprehensive and fascinating way and it is a great Zechus that we host them in our Beis Hamedresh.














Evening Kollel

Evening Kollel was founded by Reb Moshe Wenger and has managed to continue under the guidance of Harav Yaakov Elituv Shlita’ and is an evening Kollel learnt with tremendous Mesiras Nefesh and has influenced the Shul tremendously with over 20 Avreichim coming together to join the Kol Torah overlooking the breath-taking view of Jerusalem in its night time light.

Friday Kollel

Friday Kolel is 10 guys learning different interesting Halachos in the morning hours. It is run by Harav Binyomin Pine Shlita’ through great Hasmodo for several hours and finishing off with a weekly Chaburah.













Shabbos Kollel

Shabbas Kollel is run By Harav Yakov Rubin who set it up Liluy Nishmas his brother and has been very successful. It consists of between 10-15 Avreichim learning what they want over the course of Shabbas. The times are flexible from anywhere from just before Mincha of Erev Shabbas to after Maariv on Motsei Shabbas.

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